Victory Gardens Theatre

Victory Gardens Theater has been in existence for over 30 years.  They are a small but growing local theater in Chicago that has achieved critical acclaim.  In 2001, they won the very prestigious Tony Award for Regional Theater.  In 2005, they announced their re-location for their existing location to the historic Biograph Theater building in just down the street.  Victory Gardens is a vibrant theater that showcases new works from a variety of talented playwrights and real star amongst stars that makes Chicago such a great theater town.

We’ve been working with VGT since the beginning of the web era.  We build their first website and have been working with them ever since.  In 2004, we completely overhauled their website and brought in a commercial content management system called enVivo!  While low in cost, enVivo! is high in functionality and has completely enabled VGT to take the reigns of their website and update it and grow it themselves.