Sonnenschein Centennial

In 2006, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP turned 100.  To celebrate their long history, a rich media website was developed to showcase their illustrious history.  The site makes extensive use of Flash animation and includes a showcase timeline.  This Flash-based timeline application utilizes an interactive time slider that allows the user to move through 100 years of Sonnenschein history.  Integrated into the timeline are textual descriptions, photo galleries and video footage related to key points in their history.

We designed and built the Sonnenschein Centennial website.  The site was integrated into their existing Serena Collage content management system allowing the Sonnenschein Marketing Group the ability to manage and grow the site themselves.  Extensive use of Flash necessitated the use of XML source files so that the content contained within the Flash application would still editable by non-technical personnel.