Open Port Technologies Kiosk

Open Port Technologies was an early developer of “unified messaging” that incorporated fax-over-IP, voice-over-IP and video-over-IP. They needed a dynamic presentation of this complicated technology that would cut through the chaos of a tradeshow floor and help customers understand the benefits of their technology. An interactive touchscreen kiosk was the selected medium with an opening 3D animation that conceptualized the technology in such a way that anybody could understand how it worked. The presentation branched into several sub-sections that explained specific applications of the technology in greater detail. Animation was used extensively throughout the entire presentation with an original music composition and voice over narraration to reinforce the visual message.

Acted as executive creative director, Tom Panton (while working for a Chicago-based interactive agency) directed a team including a 3D animator, two 2D animators and a music/audio composer. Tom also did some of the 2D animation himself in addition to authoring the touchscreen kiosk in Macromedia’s Director.