Novopharm USA Kiosk

Novopharm USA was the US branch of a large Canadian pharmaceutical corporation. Novopharm was a producer and seller of generic drugs. They needed an application that would inform professional buyers of the drugs Novopharm produced and how those drugs compared to the brand name drugs. The application would also serve as an information source on Novopharm USA and provide a means for users to request information follow-ups. The primary outlet for this application was at tradeshows and sales representatives laptop computers.

Tom Panton acted as the executive creative director and chief architect of this interactive application Panton while working for a Chicago-based interactive agency. A database was used to supply the generic drug information and it was linked externally so that it could be updated easily. A database was also used to capture user information that could be downloaded after a trade show. Digitized videos were used extensively to communicate the company’s messages. Macromedia’s Director authoring platform was the application utilized to create the application.