Motorola IESS Kiosk

Motorola’s Integrated Electronic Systems Sector (IESS) group needed a way to inform their own employees about the exciting new technology they were developing in integrated electronics. They also needed a platform that would generate excitement. The solution was a kiosk application that demonstrated their technology in a highly visual and interactive format. A 15″ touch screen was the primary interface that controlled a 42″ Flat Plasma Screen.

Acting as an interactive strategist and project leader, Tom Panton (while working for a Chicago-based interactive agency) led the development effort. 2D animators were used to develop an eye-catching attractor screen and animated introductions into the each of the 7 sections correspondng to the 7 business units that make up IESS. Original music was composed for the animations and professional voice over talent was used to narrarate much of the content. The entire project was developed within an extremely aggressive timeframe and was used successfully at several trade shows.