Miller Brewing Co. Websites

Miller Brewing’s first venture into the online world was for their MGD brand. The site was originally called the MGD Taproom. The year was 1995 and at the time, just being online was cutting edge. The main purpose of the site was to extend its brand image to reach a new “connected” audience. The site was mostly static content that was continuously updated manually. One of the dynamic elements of the site consisted of an “Ask the Brew master” section where visitors could post a question to a Miller Brewing brew master. Each month, a few good questions would be selected and responses would be posted to the site.

Tom Panton, acting as Creative Director at the time, was involved in a ground-up redesign in 1997 after the account was put up for review and the interactive agency he was working for at the time retained the account. The site involved tie-ins with the Blind Date promotion including online advertising. The site evolved over time where a complete dynamic environment was developed and sophisticated user tracking was implemented.  Tom also worked with Miller on the website.