Mercedes-Benz “id-rom” Demo

“id-rom” is a brand name of business card sized CD-ROMs. The Accessories Group at Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) was interested in creating a multimedia hand-out for customers at MBUSA dealers. In particular, their COMAND in-car navigation and cell phone system needed in-depth explanation of how it worked. There was also discussions regarding the creation of an id-rom manual for the COMAND system that would be included with the owner’s manual as well as promotional id-roms to be handed out at the Formula 1 USGP in Indianapolis.

Acting as an interactive strategist and project leader, Tom Panton (while working for a Chicago-based interactive agency) led an exhaustive research of the accessories offered by MBUSA dealers to understand their offering. Market research was conducted to get a complete and unbiased view from the consumers’ perspective. The ultimate goal of the id-rom was to lead customers to a client’s website. Elegant 2D animations with a music intro were incorporated to capture the essence of MBUSA and provide an enticing glimpse at each of the primary accessory groups. All paths of the id-rom led to links to specific sections within the MBUSA website.