How We Work

Our process is a highly complex and constantly evolving non-formulaic approach that is a secret blend of superior intelligence and proprietary information.

Not!  Don’t let the web intimidate you.  Success comes from good old fashion planning, hard work and talent.   There’s an entire universe of buzzwords and mysterious acronyms out there like UX/UI design, SEO, HTML, JQuery, PHP, ASPX, CMS.  We know what all this stuff means, but do you need to?  The bottom line is we get the job done.  And, we have a track record to prove it.

We have partnerships with several key allies who are experts in their field of expertise.  Stellar crews are brought together to support specific client needs allowing for greater flexibility and cost effectiveness. With such mission critical work, who can afford mistakes?

Our Mile High Process

  1. Meet with our future client-partners and win them over
  2. Meet our client-partners to discuss project details
  3. Formalize the project in document form (i.e. scope definition and/or proposal)
  4. Meet with our client-partners again for project kick-off (we like spending time quality face-time with our clients-partners)
  5. Perform pre-production leg-work
  6. Design
  7. Build
  8. Launch
  9. Monitor progress
  10. Celebrate!