Digital marketing strategy, information design, content management systems…just your average Internet rocket science stuff

Things we do

  1. Digital Strategy – the formulation of the overall digital marketing strategy including how to use website(s), mobile, social media, SEO/SEM to reach your marketing goals
  2. Content Strategy – the formulation of a strategy on how content will be produced and maintained
  3. Content Development – the implementation of processes to move content from ideas to reality
  4. Information and User Experience Architecture – the organization and design of information resources
  5. Interface Design – the graphic design of website, mobile and other interactive media interfaces
  6. Content Management System Consulting – the selection and implementation of appropriate content management tools
  7. Social Media Integration – you know the stuff, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterist, Twitter and whatever new thing that catches fire in the next five minutes
  8. Content Management System Integration – the design and development of technical functionality necessary for effectively accessing your site’s content (i.e. proper site search functionality). Special emphasis on WordPress implementation and customization.
  9. Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing
  10. E-commerce Consulting and Development
  11. Project Management
  12. Multimedia and Kiosk Design and Development
  13. Email Marketing Consulting and Development
  14. Eat, sleep, drink, play, breathe and a few other unmentionables.

Things we don’t do

  1. Software and application development
  2. Computer maintenance
  3. Systems administration
  4. Mediocre work
  5. A few other things…just don’t even ask.